Coming in all species, breeds, and levels of cuteness, they are making their way onto Instagram and growing a huge online following. Our pets provide love, comfort and never pass judgement when all we want to do is watch Netflix in our pyjamas, all day long. But, what happens when your pet becomes just as famous as a celeb on the red carpet? Take year-old Tabatha Bundesen. After she posted a picture of Felix Catus cat, or Tardar Sauce to use his pre-fame name, on social media back in , her pet became an internet sensation. We see you. Grumpy Cat has very much opened the door of opportunity for other Petfluencers to emerge, many of which have become established to significant recognition. At Influencer Matchmaker we are here to give you the lowdown on the 10 most famous pets on Instagram , and why you need to get following them now…. With three Guinness World Records to his name and friends that include the likes of Shawn Mendes , Ariana Grande and Katy Perry , Jiff is an adorable Pomeranian dog famed for his perfectly pruned hair and teddy bear-like features.

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Packed full of useful information on how to keep your rabbit or guinea pig healthy and happy, and animals available for adoption. We are the only registered charity with this name for rabbits and guinea pigs, and have no affiliation whatsoever with any other organisation that may be using a similar name. Read more about how we started. Please have a thorough read of the bonding article elsewhere on the website as this will provide you with a wealth of essential information you will need to consider before starting the process.

Expert advice on health issues, behaviour, diet and general welfare is available either in person, via Facebook, or email.

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For the health and safety of our community, we are limiting foot traffic into our facilities. Our adoption centers are open on a first-come, first-served basis. As added protection for staff, customers, and the pets in our care, masks are required. Additionally, due to limited protective equipment, puppies 5 months and younger are not able to visit before going home for adoption. Please speak with a staff member for details. Adopting an animal is a fulfilling experience. It is a lifetime commitment between you and your new furry friend and one that changes the life of the pet and the adopter.

When you choose to adopt, you make room in the shelter for another homeless pet to find their new family. Dogs and cats are the most common pets found at Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, but there are a wide variety of other animals — hamsters, guinea pigs, horses, goats, birds, snakes, iguanas, fish, turtles, rabbits — often available for adoption. Most animals that come to the shelter are either pets relinquished by their owners or stray animals.

This Is Why You Legally Have to Own More Than One Guinea Pig in Switzerland

Matchmaking Services. We often get calls from people looking for a buddy for their lonely guinea pig. We’re glad to help. Matchmaking can be tricky.

Priska Küng, a sort of matchmaker for lonely guinea pigs, says her service is in “​high demand.” “They hardly ever die at the same time, even if they are exactly.

We can all understand the desire to have a guinea pig nearby, right? There is definitely nothing your guinea pig wants than another guinea pig. First on the list: make sure you know what sex your piggies are. People are often surprised! You may have thought you had a girl piggy, only to take a closer look and find out a name change might be necessary.

It happens all the time. Here is a great explanation with lots of pictures and diagrams.

Dear Truly Rich Lady: How Do I Deal With My Unwelcome Matchmaking?

Drew Scott left and Jonathan Silver Scott are identical twins who grew up on a ranch outside Calgary. They’re joining us by phone because if they saw the way we decorate it would actually kill them. Since the Scotts fix up homes for a living, we’ve invited them to play a game called “Have I got a match for you!

Write down this ID number so a matchmaker can give you more information. You will also be asked to complete an adopter survey to help our matchmakers.

Pedigree MatchMaker PMM is a walk-by system that uses electronic national livestock identification system NLIS sheep tags to record estimated associations between ewes and their lambs. This enables traceability of an individual animal pedigree. PMM requires both ewes and lambs to carry an electronic NLIS sheep tag and uses an attractant such as water or grain to entice animals to walk single file through a narrow entrance to a fenced area. On the way through the entrance all tags are recorded by a panel reader and data logger.

Because it’s the natural tendency of lambs to follow closely behind their mother see Figure 1 , the software is designed to predict the association between ewe and lamb as they pass through. Sheep flow is critical to success.

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The highlight of this event will be a live pitch competition with many talented entrepreneurs in front of an audience of attendees and a prominent jury of investors. The event will be followed by matchmaking sessions and a food tasting, to give you the chance to connect with many different participants. Happy Foie Gras is produced with a patented process by subsequently greasing the liver of healthy animals.

Making the best match possible for guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, mice, and all of our small and furry creatures!

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Why it’s illegal to own only one guinea pig in Switzerland

Everyone recognizes Switzerland as the land of mountains, cheese and happy people. However, glossy tourism brochures do not tell the entire story: Switzerland is much more than a country of stereotypes. Check out this compilation of interesting facts about Switzerland that have probably never occurred to you. In Switzerland, guinea pigs are considered to be social animals. The owners are therefore obliged to have two pets at the same time so that a single guinea pig does not feel lonely.

Special guinea pig matchmaking agencies offer to get your widow or widower guinea pig a companion if you do not want to purchase a new one.

Time to play matchmaker! Find the perfect buddy for your guinea pig. Introducing guinea pigs? Here are some tips to help.

Matchmaking doesn’t always work. Both girls have failed at bonding oportunities with other sows. So we thought to try a gentle neutered boar. Enter Chilli All seemed to be going well at first. Lots of happy noises and behaviours. Heaps of supervision. Positive vibes, earwax licking and snuggling. Giggles and popcorning.

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