In Dating Disasters , this e-book original gathers strips from the popular cartoon strip, Luann. Still pining for Aaron Hill, Luann accidentally agrees to a date with the reclusive, slightly socially inept Gunther. Double dates and uncomfortable father-son talks ensue as the siblings grapple with their new, confusing romantic relationships. Featuring funny and revealing behind-the-scenes commentary by creator, Greg Evans. Readers of all ages love Luann , a strip about the trials of becoming a young adult. Greg Evans was voted Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year in by the National Cartoonists Society, partly for his efforts in holding up Luann as a fine example of the positive power comic strips can have. This website contains affiliate links. Overview Syndication Website.

ISBN 13: 9780978797959

By Claire Kingsley. Dating can be tricky, but how hard can it be to find the right guy? Or even just a normal guy? For Everly Dalton, it’s a bit like trying to walk in stilettos—while drunk, blindfolded, and wearing the wrong size shoes. She hasn’t exactly been lucky in love.

Following his traumatic eight month dry spell, Dan Hilles is back in the driving seat and ready to put his dating disasters behind him. But if only it.

Bawdy, irreverent, and embarrassingly truthful. Now that she thinks of it, all the signs of a breakup are there, except that Leon who is assumed white forgot one important thing: to actually break up with Emma! The white English teenager starts a blog charting her painfully awkward dating woes as she tries to find someone who will help her forget Leon chucking his used Band-Aid that she keeps under her pillow would be a better place to start. Misguided attempts at moving on lead to one boy disaster after another.

Is dating to forget the right thing to do? Riveting, brutal and beautifully told. Instead, she humanizes them and their painful contradictions by including nostalgic images that showcase the love shared among Cady, her two cousins closest in age, and Gat, the Heathcliff-esque figure she has always loved. Though increasingly disenchanted with the Sinclair legacy of self-absorption, the four believe family redemption is possible—if they have the courage to act.

This story is necessary.

The Flood (Sex, Love and Dating Disasters Book 2) @SteveScaffardi #BookReview

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Written by Claire Kingsley, narrated by Emma Wilder. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

Dating can be tricky, but how hard can it be to find the right guy? Or even just a normal guy? In fact, she just might be cursed. A guy who only dates lookalikes of his ex? An alpha-male businessman who bolts in a moment of crisis? No, thanks. A date that turns into the creepiest interview in the history of ever? Where does she find these guys?

Join Everly as she dishes to her friends about the surprising, unpredictable, and sometimes crazy adventure that is modern dating. Will she keep matching with frogs or find her Prince Charming? The complete series is available here in one volume. This series of short stories takes place before the full-length, stand-alone hot romcom, Faking Ms.

Dating Disasters of Emma Nash

Chloe Seager grew up in East London with her mom and much-loved cat, Katie. She studied English literature and drama at the University of East Anglia. Children’s literature was one of her favorite subjects, and it made her wonder why grown-ups ever stopped reading children’s books. Dating Disasters of Emma Nash is her debut novel.

Dating Disasters of Emma Nash Hardcover by Chloe Seager with signed book plate. Don’t miss the laugh-out-loud novel of the year!Online, you can choose.

Steven Scaffardi’s The Drought is the laugh-out-loud tale of one man’s quest to overcome the throes of a sexual drought. After the stormy break-up with his girlfriend of three years, Dan Hilles is faced with the daunting task of throwing himself back into the life of a single man. With the help of his three best pals, Dan is desperate and determined to get his leg-over with hilarious consequences! Reviews “Steven Scaffardi’s first novel is absolutely hilarious and will leave every reader, male or female, laughing out loud.

All hail the arrival of Steven Scaffardi. The perfect gift for the lad in your life! Scaffardi has an imaginative mind that needs to be unleashed! But following his break-up with long-term girlfriend, Stacey, he finds himself single again. He’s been out of the game for a while and is a little out of practice. Soon, the very irregular and increasingly worrying issue in Dan’s life is the extended drought he finds himself suffering.

And we’re not talking the climate change, scorched earth, God I’m parched variety. You’ve got to hand it to Dan though – it certainly isn’t from a lack of trying. With stalwart mates Ollie, Jack and Rob on hand to lend their collective pearls of male wisdom and arrange the odd road trip, you’d think Dan’s days of languishing in a sexual wilderness would be numbered.

You’d think

Dating Disasters of Emma Nash with Signed Nameplate

Move over, Georgia Nicolson. Say goodbye to Geek Girl. Meet Emma Nash.

Okay, cherubs, you probably think you’ve just had the date from hell and are certain that Satan’s matchmaking service is working overtime to keep you supplied.

Do you want to read Everly Dalton’s Dating Disasters? How about all six episodes in a disasters bundle? And how about FREE? They’re available on Bookfunnel for you! They take place disasters Faking Ms. Right begins and psst, there might be a preview of the first chapter of Faking Ms. Right in there. You don’t have to read them before you read Faking Ms.

The Drought(Sex, Love and Dating Disasters Book 1) by Steven Scaffardi

Share on:. Kelly Ann likes football. She is a Rangers fan. Mr Ferguson the PE teacher won’t let girls on the school team, which is probably the third most annoying thing in Kelly Ann’s life.

Dating Disasters of Emma Nash. We rated this book: $ It’s a fact that Emma recently broke up with her boyfriend. It may be a fact that she spent the entire.

After a drunken afternoon in the pub, fuelled by the confidence of alcohol, Dan makes a bet with his three best pals that will complicate his love-life more than ever when he brazenly declares that he could juggle multiple women all at the same time. With just eight weeks to prove his point, Dan is about to find out how hard it is to date a flood of women without them all finding out about each other, especially when they come in the shape of an ex-girlfriend, a stalker, the office ice queen and the one that got away.

The Flood is the hilarious follow-up to The Drought by lad lit author Steven Scaffardi, chronicling the adventures of unlucky-in-love Dan Hilles. These books are just hilarious!! I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Dan, Rob, Ollie and Jack amongst others again, but especially Dan. I definitely have a soft spot for him. He really needs to chill out and go with the flow a bit more. He tries far too hard, in an attempt to impress the ladies, and in doing so gets himself into all sorts of awkward situations!!

Sex, Love & Dating Disasters: The Drought by Steven Scaffardi