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BSA Meteor Air Rifle

Shortened barrel , Carbined to 15″ open sights re fitted Nice wanut stock with chequering and custom brass trigger. Made In good general condition Any gun can be transferred to your local Rfd Ask their permission first! I have owned this rifle since , it has had little use and is in excellent condition and comes with the original cardboard box and certificate.

A scope and strap have been retro fitted, the original open sights have been removed.

BSA Airsporter and Mercury Air Rifle / Airgun Trigger Spring. Subsonic; Parts & Accessories Shop All. Date of manufacture: October

Gamo Socom Target air rifle bargains we have new Co2 bolt action with target aperture sights. Our goal: To achieve customer satisfaction through quality. Gamo Stutzen. Customers come to my online store to buy from top-rated air gun brands ranging from air rifles to hunt large game to the best air pistols for plinking and killing tin cans as well as for all of the the finest air gun accessories that they need.

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Dating a Bsa Airsporter?

Gecado Air Rifles. With a variety of different stock styles e. You can see the folded over burrs that are keeping the loose head in.

Hey All, Ive just bought a 2nd hand Bsa Airsporter and I dont have a clue as to what year/mk it is,the serial number is GL It is also one of.

Large selection of purchase. Think outside the handwritten gun, hand pumps and services. Any faint markings as if you make out of the serial no prefix letter, cheers. This gun, will reid and some help you make out that we can, hatsan. My bsa 60ml bottle, gamo, brocock, scopes, i. All things airgun magazine. Fits the latest news nix august.

Dating a Bsa Airsporter?

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Manufacturing Dates for BSA Air Rifles «on: December 31, , PM BSA club airsporter,22 calibre underlever EA prefix serial number.

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BSA Rifle Identification

Air Bsa by Certificate No Licence 1. Air Guns by Orientation Ambidextrous 3. Right Handed 1.

bsa airsporter mk1 air rifle.a rifle i picked up cheap about 10 years ago. it needs a new stock if anyone can help. An early model. THE BIRMINGHAM SMALL.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. It’s been some time since I’ve tested a conventional new spring rifle like this. The stock is smooth with no checkering and no fiber optic sights. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Note also that the engine and frame numbers MUST be differenceotherwise it’ a “composite” rebuild or fake. To harness the true potential of the rifle it needs to be scoped.

BSA Airsporter Mk1

At BSA we are happy to help if your gun needs to be serviced or repaired, you can send your gun back to us directly or take it to your local gun shop and arrange for them to return it to us. However we have a strict company policy that we will only return your gun via a gun shop or Registered Firearms Dealer RFD. Once the work has been carried out and the gun has been tested it will be returned to the shop of your choice for you to collect.

When returning a gun it is your responsibility to make sure that it is adequately protected and insured, we cannot be held responsible for any damage that might occur in transit to us so please follow these simple steps. No, not under any circumstances; using anything other than clean, breathing quality air in a PCP is extremely dangerous, and will invalidate all warrantees instantly. Pre-charged airguns are very safe to use, but do not be tempted to use other gases, as their use could destroy the gun, and result in serious injury to the user.

BSA “Standard” Air Rifle-made to Lincoln Jefferies specifications Vintage BSA Advert courtesy Trevor Morris. The BSA Airsporter All made from black rubber and nicely marked with the NZ Defence logo and the date.

Just scratch it, argues Jonathan Young. Your dog looks at you in dismay when you forget walkies again and head for the shed instead. But what do you do next? Where do you go for advice? For many shooters, collecting airguns is a very personal thing. A lot of people just do their own thing and are happy with whatever comes along next. But what if you want more?

In the last issue we touched on the idea of collecting to a theme, such as specific marques, or collecting only springers, or only pistols rather than rifles, but how do you find out about older guns? A lot less has been published on the subject compared with other hobbies, so period information is very valuable indeed. Airgun magazines arrived in the late s, but before this, airgun articles appeared in some issues of a magazine called Guns Review.

Any related period magazine will contain information which can help the collector to identify or explain any anomalies. Old torn airgun mags found at a car boot sale or bought online will keep you quiet and out of mischief for months as you read and digest all the information. Even an old advert can sometimes answer an important query.

BSA Rifle Identification

It was the first rifle to have the ability to fit a telescopic sight , [1] and remains one of the worlds best selling powered weapons with over 2 million sold worldwide. Marketed as an introductory rifle for plinking , hunting and firearm training. The barrel is then returned into place and secured with a detent lock. The single stage trigger is adjustable for pressure.

The BSA Meteor is a break barrel spring powered rifle made in Birmingham, UK, by Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA) and first produced in

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BSA Airsporter Mk1

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A history of airguns. A few weeks ago I landed several great airguns on the Gun Broken auction website. The third one was a BSA Airsporter. They all started with the Airsporter Mark I. The cocking lever extends down from the forearm. I will pay that for every one you bring me in that condition. This rifle commands respect — especially the Mark Is and IIs. So imagine my delight to discover that the Airsporter I had won in the auction was a Mark I. The seller could have doubled his bids if he had known to explain that in his description.

This rifle came in both. You can tell which Mark you have by the serial number. Here is a table to look that up. The 6-digit serial numbers tells me mine is a later gun in that range.

2015 Malvern airgun show: BSA Airsporter