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Vintage Cigar Boxes

Your Email Address:. Starting from , a cigar smoker could find a specific box code on a Cuban cigar box. Isn’t that wonderful, friends? But let us explain why. Did you know that until that year, cigar boxes were almost plain and bore only one stamp – the proud inscription Hecho en Cuba.

The empty Cohiba Robusto 25pc cigar box is a coveted decoration that New delivery date unknown! Only one box per client/household to be ordered!

What if I went into an official cuban cigar store that sells real certified cigars and the place is a real store that you can google to verify as real. And then what if I pulled out my phone and video’d the transaction showing the actual box I bought. And on the video, what if I drew a scribble symbol on the bottom of the box with a big black sharpy and got clear footage of that scribble. And then in the same non stop footage, what if I also focused in on a news paper from that day to verify the date of purchase.

Then when I got back to Canada, what if I video’d that same box with that same scribble going into a humadore demonstrating that the cigars spent minimal time outside of a proper humadore, and in the same footage focued in on that day’s news paper with the date. Then that should verify that its a real box of cigars, the actual ones sold in an official store, and it would show it was relatively fresh, and taken care of.

Any suggestions on what else could be done to verify the validity of the cigars? This sounds like a lot of work and hassle for not much gain. And a good scammer could slip fakes in somewhere along the line anyway. If you want to make money off Cuban cigars, line up a buyer with whom you share mutual trust before you go. Agree on prices and exact product, and get them to pay you the purchase price up front and your profit upon delivery.

Well you kind of declared them for your personal consumption with the your declaration not for resale.

The Evolution of Cuban Box Codes

Sometimes they can also be shown in the packaging in which the boxes are stored in cases of prestigious releseases or brands, like Cohiba. In a code was introduced to identify the factory: month and year of production. In the coming years there were four changes concerning these codes. Use of a new special code: May — January 4.

COLLECTION. See more ideas about Cigars, Cigar boxes, Cigars and whiskey​. Cigars And Whiskey, Good Cigars, Pipes And Cigars, Cuban Cigars, Cigar Humidor Rocky Patel Anniversary This Cigar is one of my most favorites to date​.

Cuban Cigar boxes can be as masterful as the cigar itself. A humidor can be a simple box — or something more. Using antique wood and an artistic vision, each piece is made by hand. With the most extravagant designs requiring hundreds of hours of work and input from team members who specialize in silver-smithing, cabinet-making, and marquetry. Past designs have been modeled after cannons, skyscrapers, and historic landmarks.

Many of which have garnered interest from international buyers willing to spend thousands on the most elaborate pieces. Despite the extensive drying process , cigars retain a good amount of moisture. Cigars are hygroscopic, meaning they absorb moisture from the environment.

Wedding Cigar Boxes

Subscribe Today at Huge Savings! In , cigar smokers throughout the United States breathed a sigh of relief—some may even have given an exuberant shout of joy—when the Obama administration announced that U. That was, and still is, the deciding caveat.

Not buying Cuban cigars in Cuba is like visiting the moon and not taking a rock. at it: if you want to be absolutely sure you’re getting in-date, authentic Cuban cigars, Boxes of Romeo y Julieta cigars in a Havana cigar store.

This is the current date system. Each month is given an alpha code based on the first three letters of the Spanish spelling of the month. The year is indicated by the last two digits of the year in short year format, where is expressed as In several provinces, all the factories use a common code e. SS for the ten factories in the Sancti Spiritus province. The second series of factory codes involved three capital letters, was less obvious and the factories were all given separate codes.

Before February , the fabrication of cigar boxes was not centralised, with each Factory making their own boxes. The following stamps appeared on all boxes over the years and in conjunction with other details can be used to date boxes. All dates are original research courtesy of Min Ron Nee. The small stamps were used mainly on single stick Slide Lid Boxes coffins. They were also occasionally used on very small boxes smaller than the Montecristo No.

Old cigar boxes can be worth from $5 up to $5,000

You already noticed that every box of Cuban cigars has a strange stamp on the bottom. Probably you also know that it designates the factory and date of production. But do you know how to understand it?

The year is indicated by the last two digits of the year (in short year format, where is expressed as 06). The full.

Discussion regarding this is ongoing in this topic on the CW Forums. Special thanks to ak, Lizzard, Sancho Panza, stogiesmoker00, Skeeter, dartplayer1, Mad Dawg, cigartexan, Benecio and others for putting this information together. Please submit suggestions for this page to webmaster cigarweekly. The process of bringing cigars to market is a gray area to most outside of Havana.

This process is strictly controlled, based on region, vega, class, sub class, etc, required to achieve the desired profile. A number of a certain vitola may be rolled by numerous factories or not; they are brought to market as needed and the entire supply may or may not be exhausted.


Cuba is the mecca of cigar production. So going to Cuba and not buying Cuban cigars would be like visiting the moon and not taking a rock. The smoothness and freshness of hand-rolled, Cuban cigars makes a hell of a difference. Trust me, someone will be eternally grateful.

The bottom line is that Cuban cigars can be bought like fine wines, following the vintage or date on the bottle (wines) or box (cigars).

Cuban Cigar Lounge is proud to offer only the unmistakable excellence of top quality Cuban cigars, straight from the original Cuban tobacco factories and carefully stored in professional humidor cabinets. Cuban cigars are regarded as one of life’s most indulgent luxuries. Each year the Cuban cigar production falls far short of the worldwide demand for these premium vitolas. Add to that equation that the importation of Cuban Cigars is illegal in the United States and without any doubt counterfeiters are there to take advantages of the situation.

Therefore it is important to know where you buy your Cuban cigars and therefore Cuban Cigar Lounge prides itself in selling only the finest Habano cigars directly from the Cuban cigar factories. We know the importance of a fine Cuban cigar and we want to educate our customers and make them aware of the details involved in picking a real Habano from a counterfeit!!

The Untold Stories Behind Cigar Boxes

Free Shipping 3 Days or less! Toggle navigation. April in General Discussion. I have always wanted to know why the non-Cuban cigar boxes come without the production date except fews like Fuente and Padron they just provide the year. I asked this question to couple of cigar makers and not convinced with their explanation.

Does anyone have a logical answer to this question?

Is there a market for such boxes or a cigar box collector we can It also tells how to date cigar boxes and how to get them appraised free.

These articles are presented here thanks to Anwer Ali Khan Cigar Box Cigars were originally sold in bundles covered with pigs’ bladders with a pod of vanilla to improve the smell ; then came the use of large chests, holding up to10, cigars. Upmann started shipping back cigars, for the use of its directors in London, in sealed cedar boxes stamped with the bank’s emblem. When the bank decided to go, full-scale, into the cigar business, the cedar box took off as a form of packaging for all the major Havana brands, and all hand made cigars though small quantities today are sometimes packages in cardboard cartons, and single cigars of many brands come in aluminum tubes lined with cedar.

Cedar helps to prevent cigars from drying out and furthers the maturing process. The idea of using colorful lithographic labels, now used for all handmade brands, wherever they come from, started when Ramon Allones, a Galician immigrant to Cuba, initiated it for the brand he started in As the industry grew in the midth century, so did the need for clear brand identification. Labels or other illustrations also appear on the inside of the lids of many Havana and other brands.

Boxes also usually have colorful decorative borders. The cedar box is sometimes referred to as a boite nature. Paper, usually colored, is normally glued to the interior of the box and is used to cover the cigars it contains.

Antiques & Collectibles: Market heating up for cigar boxes, tobacco tins

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Collectible Cigar Box Labels. It is important to stress that most of the printing quality found on these labels is truly exceptional. The boldness of color, superb.

Permission to reproduce this image must be obtained from the National Library of Jamaica. Tobacco is of the nightshade family that includes food plants like potato, tomato, pepper and eggplant and hallucinogens like thornapple and belladonna. Nicotiana is of South American origin. There is prehistoric evidence for its use going back 3, years but there is evidence of its ritual use is much older, to the beginning of lowland South American agriculture some 8, years ago, possibly antedating the cultivation of food plants.

Tobacco has been grown commercially in Jamaica from Spanish colonial times. It was cultivated extensively during the English plantation era, both for export of the leaves and by the local population for its own consumption. The modern industry dates from the s when Cuban refugees fleeing the wars of independence in their country settled in Jamaica, the most prominent among the tobacco producers being the brothers B.

Machado who in founded the firm that bore their name. The Cubans engaged in growing tobacco and, more importantly, in making cigars and cigarettes. Jamaica is still regarded as among the top cigar producing countries in the world, the others being Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua. Jamaican cigars are regarded by connoisseurs as full bodied, with a mild aroma. The story goes back to latter half of the 19th century in Cuba and to the Machados of Santa Clara.

Partagas 8-9-8 Cuban Cigar Review Box Date 2008