From Fireflies to butterflies! After releasing his megasmash “Fireflies” in , Owl City ‘s Adam Young attracted a lot of attention. And then Taylor Swift got wind of him and you know how that went. Well, she wrote a song about him — “Enchanted” on her disc, Speak Now — and he responded with his own cover of it on Valentine’s Day. So what really went down between the music superstars — and what was that Jake Gyllenhaal thing all about? I recently sat down with Young to discuss his third album, All Things Bright And Beautiful released yesterday and find out about his famed flirtation. US : Tell me how did you go about the writing process with the new album since the last record? How did this record come about?

Owl City soars from parents’ basement to chart peak

I took over a week of hard work. I have no idea if even put a dent into his music, but here are all the projects I am aware of. Aquarium is catchy and progressive. Crescent Island [ x ].

Owl City began in Adam Young’s basement. own crowd of 1, people in a club versus someone else’s crowd of 20, people in an arena.

Adam Young was a shy introvert building beautiful audio landscapes from his parents’ basement in Owatonna, Minn. He named his project Owl City and quickly built a faithful following on MySpace. From there came a record deal with Universal Republic Records. His album sales skyrocketed, with more than 2. His smash hit “Fireflies,” from his major-label debut album “Ocean Eyes,” received a five-times RIAA platinum certification in addition to going No. Celebrating this release, Owl City returned to NBC’s “The Today Show” on Tuesday, joined by Hanson, who collaborated on the “Unbelievable” track, giving audiences the first live performance of the song.

Owl City Cinematic Acoustic

OK, that’s a bit harsh. For everyone who thinks “Fireflies” is treacly, there’s someone who helped make it a No. And after the initial surprise and side-eye, the collaboration makes sense. If Carly Rae Jepsen’s music was exactly the same, sugar and all, except with a male vocalist, that vocalist might sound a lot like Adam Young. And despite “Call Me Maybe” ringing through every speaker and down every alley of the Internet , Carly Rae Jepsen’s still extremely new–most people outside Canada have only known she exists for six months at most.

How do new artists gain traction?

Does Adam Young have a secret girlfriend? Or is he dating a celebrity? Navigation menu. The legitimate, confirmed”. May 24,. Archived from the original on.

Ocean Eyes is wrought with adolescent-safe references of romantic beachside excursions, aquatic friendships, and nature walks with that special someone. Norwegian indie pop duo, the Ella Sisters create a new feminist anthem of female empowerment with “Queens”. Life during the pandemic just got busier for Roanoke singer-songwriters Taylor Dupuis and Joey Beesley, who are finding more creative ways to get heard while starring in a Goonies -inspired music video with a “mystical ’80s rock narrative”.

The fight to legalize gay marriage is a story the Left must cherish, a tale of systemic justice in an era of burgeoning oppression, a refreshed vision for a time that needs a refreshed “public dream” for change. Steve Wynn’s “Make It Up to You” is taken from a massive CD box set, Decade , arriving in October and features a wealth of previously unreleased material, including demos. Elephant Revival’s Daniel Rodriguez’s solo debut marks a hopeful renewal for the folk artist following a time of great personal loss.

Nick Aranda of Paper Route engages further in his solo venture, Vacay Nick, with “Started a Fight”, a track about self-examination that addresses his inner demons. Speaking on a range of topics, including filmmaking, the future of live music, and his appreciation for artists such as UFO and Thin Lizzy, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider proves game for all topics. Los Angeles alt-pop artist Luna Shadows confronts contemporary anxieties with a bit of light nostalgia on her new single, “The Nineties”.

Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice interrogates two primal drives in American culture through the top characters of the DC pantheon: fear and its trauma Batman and naked power and its ambiguities Superman. It’s easy to depict the song’s all English lyrics and music video tribute to Western pop culture icons as searching for Western validation, but “Dynamite” hints mostly at the type of semiotic disruption that BTS has been notable for.

Wolf specialize in a mesmerizing form of atmospheric indie-folk that blends delicate electronic elements with gossamer vocals.

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Mega-selling singers Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City ‘s Adam Young as well as several publishing companies and performing rights groups are being sued in a new copyright infringement lawsuit filed in California federal court. The disputed song reached No. Song theft lawsuits are on the rise, but this one, authored by THR power lawyer Neville Johnson, is filled with details about musicology and contains other idiosyncrasies. According to the complaint, the hook in Burnett’s song is a “unique vocal motif” that is repeated throughout the song and “has a catchy pop vibe that both draws people in and sticks in people’s heads.

The song, on Burnett’s album “The Takeover,” has been on sale in record stores and on digital outlets since and the lawsuit says it has also been licensed to MTV for the shows “The Hills” and “Friendzone. According to the complaint, “Defendants’ extensive access to ‘Love Song’ is sufficient to trigger the ‘inverse ration rule,’ whereby a reduced standard of proof of substantial similarity is required when a high degree of access is shown.

Singer and songwriter best known for his electronic project Owl City, whose independently released debut As of , Adam Young’s is not dating anyone.

While sifting through 15 songs and 3 alternate versions! Unfortunately, Young does neither on this record. That was a sugary sweet and genuinely fun little synthpop album with just enough downbeat moments to reveal little bits of more meaningful reflection beneath the surface. Young was often at his best when he was just plain making stuff up, and we had to imagine how the pretend-world imagery in a lot of his songs might have correlated to whatever he was going through in real life.

This stands in stark contrast to some of the classic Owl City material where, goofy as it was, you could tell that it took a unique mind to come up with those bizarre stories and dreamscapes. You know how snowcones are really nothing but a bunch of ice flavored with sugary sweet syrups?

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The story of Adam Young’s rise from basement-dwelling Coca-Cola employee to platinum-selling dream-tronica star is well-documented by now, mostly because it’s the kind of thing you only read about in books. And, on June 14, he’ll return with All Things Bright and Beautiful, the next chapter in his rather improbable story. But with his new album also comes new expectations — because, for the first time in his career, people are paying close attention.

But that was fuel on the fire, in a lot of ways, for me, to make sure that I didn’t write this new record from the wrong place.

Jul 12, – The best stories are built on conflict. But I believe the most beloved stories are the ones where love conquers all. Our story is both of those.

For years while we’ve been belting out Taylor Swift’s eerily-similar-to-our-own-life breakup anthems to get over the average Joe’s we’ve dated, the country crooner turned pop star has successfully dated a slew of Hollywood heartthrobs. The ‘Reputation’ singer has been linked to musicians and movie stars alike and has a penchant for memorialising her fallen relationships in lyrical form. Here’s a look, in order, of all the men Taylor has dated, and which of her songs are about the romance.

The country crooner’s songs ‘Last Kiss’ and ‘Forever and Always’ is believed to have been written about her breakup with Jonas, while ‘Holy Ground’ is a later, more positive perspective on the short-lived romance. Taylor and Hollywood heartthrob Lucas Till dated for only a matter of months in , after Lucas played the next-door neighbour in Taylor’s ‘You Belong With Me’ music video. But, there was no friction because we were too nice,” he told MTV.

The two met when they co-starred as high school sweethearts in the romantic comedy Valentine’s Day. It was a really lousy thing for her to do. The girl in the dress, cried the whole way home, I should’ve known,” he sings. And for the worst reason.

Adam Young takes Owl City to new heights

This version of Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Please try a current version of IE or Firefox. Apply to be a Writer Report page Share this. Adam Young – A Biography. Name : Adam Randal Young Date of Birth: July 5th currently 24 years old Information: Adam, who is a born-again Christian as well as a staunch vegetarian, is a shy boy from Owatonna, Minnesota, who started creating music both alone in his basement and also with friends as a collaborative effort, while he was still in his teenage years, during high school, and wrote a lot of his songs about the girl he was in a relationship with at the time, Annmarie Monson.

An insomniac, Adam started writing and recording music in his basement under the project name ‘ Owl City ‘ while managing a day-time job at a local Coca Cola warehouse, and gained a lot of attention via MySpace, before later being signed by the record label Universal Republic, after releasing his unsigned EP album, ‘ Of June ‘, in

Owl City opens up on stardom, working with Carly Rae Jepsen and the creative worlds he wants to explore next I didn’t have to rely on anybody else.

That Owl Post. May 31,. July 12,. Incredibly thrilled to ann”. Hear it here EW. September 14,. The Official Newsletter”. Retrieved Young 21,. August 18,. Owl from owl young on August 22,.

Who is Adam Young Dating Now?

Owl City ‘s Adam Young and Taylor Swift have had a “thing” ever since the ‘Fireflies’ singer professed his feelings for the country starlet, and she responded with a song for him — ‘Enchanted’ — on her ‘Speak Now’ album. But what went on behind the scenes? But what we all really want to know is what happened to Young and Swift’s relationship! We use the term “relationship” loosely, of course.

Owl City soars from parents’ basement to chart peak Less than a year ago, Young had never played for anyone other than his parents, who its way up the pop singles chart, until, two months after it first entered, it was No.

Now, it’s his day job — and there are co-workers involved. It seemed like an equitable trade-off: swapping sleep for pop stardom. Young’s sleep-deprived schedule eventually paid dividends when he posted his techno-psychedelic dreamscapes onto the Internet and, before long, cyberspace was buzzing about Owl City’s EP Of June, which featured the infectious musical gem, ‘Hello Seattle’.

After signing with the Universal Republic label in the US, Young released the playful single ‘Fireflies’, in part an ode to his insomnia. It shot to number one on the Billboard Hot chart and went platinum four times over. For someone who previously controlled nearly every aspect of the creation of his music, Young seems to have loosened the reins on how — and with whom — he records. Robert Orton mixed eight of The Midsummer Station’s 11 tracks.

Most of the rest was all programmed or played by myself. One of Sky Harbor’s key attractions to Young is its very dead acoustic: he prefers to record as dry as possible and add reverb later if appropriate. Next I’ll de-ess with Waves Renaissance De-esser to lighten the impact of those ‘esses’ and other similar sounds.

A Complete Timeline Of Taylor Swift’s Boyfriends, And The Songs She’s Written About Them

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Owl City. Ocean Eyes. Label: Universal Republic US release date: aquatic friendships, and nature walks with that special someone.

Life can feel like a movie. Each moment functions as a scene that comprises a larger arc. Preceded by a trio of three-song Reels , the record artfully threads together dream-pop lucidity, poetic revelations, and Steven Spielberg-style eighties wonder into 18 new anthems. You have an audience cheering you on. Everybody is in your corner. Do your best for them. Carly Rae Jepsen] also earned a triple-platinum certification and toppled charts worldwide.

In the Air (feat. Adam Young) – Ørjan Nilsen with Lyrics [CC]